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Shuttle Services

Shuttle Services

8am-6pm daily

Our shuttle driver assists with check-in, translating, etc and works directly with the hospital /doctors. He drives a clean / large personal vehicle for a gentle ride and friendly service.

Typical border crossing traffic.


From McAllen – $135 round trip  |  From Harlingen – $235 round trip

Fees are per patient. One guest traveling with patient rides free. Currently due to covid restrictions you are allowed only 1 adult guest to travel with you. No children under 17.

Making shuttle arrangements:

You must make arrangements in advance by emailing our office.

Please send this to set up your shuttle:

Name / Date of surgery
Date / Time / Location of pick up
Cell number (if the driver needs to call you)
Number of persons traveling
Any special notes:


Travel times:

Pick up hours 8am- 6pm

Your driver is available between 8am-6pm. Your service includes pick up the day you arrive and the day you are released from the hospital. If you need to make other stops or wish to go shopping, ask the driver. A fee may apply. If you are staying extra days or arriving earlier than your pick up date, other arrangements for transport (rental car, etc) will be necessary. If you do not fly home on your release date, you will need a hotel room near your airport. Most hotels provide free shuttling to the airport.

Flights should arrive before 6pm. You should be at the hospital about 3-4 hrs before surgery (there are exceptions) & allow 2-3 hrs between hospital release and flight home in case of border delays.

Do’s and dont’s of travel

Travel light – pack only what you need for the trip. Border agents are strict – do not bring anything that may look suspicious (large duffle bags, unmarked medications, etc). It will save time / decrease delays getting back into the states.

DO NOT go to pharmacies, markets, or other places and purchase medications or other items (food, etc) not allowed to be transported into the US.  Shopping is a great idea, but purchases should reviewed before leaving for the border so be sure to ask questions about your purchases. Transporting illegal items could result in the shuttle being confiscated and our driver & other passengers detained or arrested.


Delays at the border and flight delays of other patients may cause the shuttle to arrive a little late, this is unavoidable but does not occur often. It will NOT cause you to miss your surgery. Our staff will work around the delays to make sure you are able to have your surgery. Border delays can cause you to miss your return flight if you have not scheduled properly.

You will meet the driver at the main entrance to the airport.  If you are staying at a hotel, the driver can pick you up there.  He will only pick up at the airport or a hotel, no private residences, convenient stores, etc.  

As of Jan 01, 2014 – ALL patients must apply for a passport (we recommend the passport card because it is only approximately $45 – and is all that is required to cross US borders by land).  Since this process can take weeks/ months – you should start it as soon as possible.   You can apply normally the local post office or the passport office in your city. If you apply for a passport and will not receive it in time, you can cross the border with 1) proof of application (receipt) 2) birth certificate (certified- see note below) 3) driver’s license.

Note** When you apply for your passport they will keep the birth certificate and return it with your passport. In this case, you need two birth certificates – one to send with the passport application and one to cross the border. You can obtain additional birth certificates online at It can be expedited to receive in about 2-3 weeks. You can sometimes go to the courthouse in the area you were born and pick up one. You can never use photocopies of any identification documents to cross the border – all documents must be original and/or say certified.

Remember!! If you are detained for any reason at the border…so are the driver and any other patients in the shuttle. You will not be allowed to use the shuttle if you do not have the proper ID / documents.