Pre-payment - Savings Plan | Rio Bravo Reversal

Pre-payment – Savings Plan

For patients interested in a pre-pay savings / payment plan to save for their surgery (reversal or cosmetic) – or for patients who would like to pay their surgery balance in full rather than bringing cash – we offer a pre-payment /savings plan account option.

The pre-pay/savings plan can be as short or as long as you need  (up to 24 months) and will allow you to

  • Pay on your scheduled surgery in advance or
  • Begin a savings account for a future surgery (not scheduled)
  • Pay your account in full online rather than bringing funds with you
  • Schedule up to 1 year in advance

The account is your personal savings plan and you can add money as often as you wish.  Minimum payments should be $25 for cosmetic surgery and $10 for reversal.  You do not have to have a surgery date scheduled to start your plan, and you do not have to pay for your surgery in full before you can schedule.  You may schedule at any time during your plan and you can pay the balance at the hospital at the time of surgery or in full in advance.  We do not accept payments ‘after’ surgery.

COSMETIC SURGERY:  If you are also having cosmetic surgery you can do an separate plan for Diosa Surgical Center payments.  The rules and guidelines are the same as the reversal.  The only difference is the deposit is $150 and the minimum transaction is $25. 

To open your account (without scheduling)

Send us your information (name/address/phone/email address) and request a payment plan to be opened. We will send you a deposit invoice to pay your deposit. The non refundable management fee is covered by your deposit ($105 for reversal). See links below. It COSTS to set up the account, so please do not request an account if you are not willing to pay the fee. If you request an account be set up, you will owe the deposit whether you use the account or not.

To open your account (with an appointment)

You can open your account by making your appointment and paying the surgery deposit ($650) and reversal payment plan deposit ($105 or $150). We will send an invoice to pay the scheduling deposit and another invoice to pay the payplan deposit.

Making Payments: Payments will be made through PayPal – so you will need a free PayPal account. Payments can be paid via PayPal by

  • Instant payment directly from your personal paypal account to us
  • E-check (from your checking account) (at least 2-4 weeks to clear)
  • Credit/debit card (through PayPal)
  • Each time you send a payment, please be sure to email us to make sure we received notice of your payment.
  • If the opening deposit is not paid within the first 6 months, the account will be considered expired and a new deposit (plus the old one) will be due to restart the plan.
  • Accounts are considered inactive if no payment is made over a period of 12 months.  You can reactivate your account (contact our office for details).  Portions of the payments may not be refundable (deposit, fees, etc). If your plan is canceled and you need to restart your plan, a new deposit is required. If the first deposit has not been paid, both will be due at the same time.  Deposits (mandatory payments) do NOT count towards keeping your account open – but they do get credited off your balance.  “Payments” are amounts sent to the plan that are ‘not’ mandatory.
  • Accounts that have not been active up to 1 year will be closed permanently. Accounts that have funds in them but have become inactive will  be reactivated with a new deposit and will remain active for one more year, unless a request to cancel has been received.
  • To withdraw funds from your account you must cancel the account. You will need to set up a new account should you decide to restart your payment plan. A new fee will be required each time you start a new plan.
  • Since payments go through a third party, both parties (sender and receiver) should keep accurate records of all payments. Please be sure to keep your payment receipts (you should always receive an online receipt).
  • Final payments on the account prior to surgery must be in a minimum of 3-5 days prior to surgery so they can be processed for your hospital payment.


If you need to cancel your account – please email and let us know. There may be a $50 cancellation fee to cover the costs of refunds on any amounts paid after the deposit. Deposits (scheduling and payplan) and paypal fees are not refundable. Any outstanding fees owed by the patient (such as rescheduling fees) will be deducted from the account balance and all other funds will be refunded to the patient as quickly as possible. Refunds can take up to 30 days.  NO portion of your surgery payment is refundable ‘after’ you have had surgery.


Please do NOT send MXN funds. Due to the exchange rate you could stand to lose money doing so. So please be sure to send only US funds.  If you are not sure how just contact our office.


Statements on your account are sent out monthly (if payments are being  made). You can request a new  statement at any time – but during our busy seasons it may take a week or more to receive.


PayPal fees are always the responsibility of the patient.  You will only be credited for the amount we actually receive after PayPal removes their fee.

To start your account: Please email (the information below and make your first deposit. Emailing us this information indicates that you have read and agree to the guidelines of the payment plan and are requesting it to be open.

-Phone number
-Primary Email address (if different from the one you are sending from)
-Surgery Date if scheduled (it is not necessary to be scheduled to open a payment plan)

Be sure to add your information above to the notes section. The deposit payment is NOT refundable. Please be sure you want to open your account before requesting, it can not be undone.

You may send opening deposit ($105 reversal or $150 cosmetic) via PayPal to

Please be sure to add your contact information to the payment.

Ongoing Payments: After the initial deposit you will not receive an invoice to make payments. You can send payments directly from your paypal account to

For large payments or if it’s close to your surgery date, we can send a money request to you to make sure your payment is submitted correctly.

Please make at least 1 payment every 6 months to make sure your account active. If a payment has not been made in 12 months, your account will deactivate.  Email us each time you make a payment so we can make sure to credit it to your account. See the guidelines above.

Ways to add funds to your PayPal account without using debit/credit card:

The payment plan can only be used through PayPal, but that does not mean you ‘must’ use a debit/credit card to fund your account. Once you have a PayPal account, you can add funds to it in a variety of ways (money gram, checking account, cash card, moneypak, etc) – please check the PayPal website for details.

See the links below for more information on adding funds to your paypal account so you can send it without fees:

MoneyPak    MoneyGram     My Cash Card    Personal Checking