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Pre-Pay / Savings Plan (CLOSING!)

5/15/2022 —  Due to new government (US) restrictions being forced on PayPal and other payment services (beginning Jan 01, 2022) – we are no longer able to offer payment/savings plan “as is” for patients.  We regret the inconvenience.   But some of the options are still going to be available, see below. 

For patients currently on payment plans, please contact our office for details  (your plan will not be closed, your funds are still applied to your costs – we can offer a different option for making payments). 

For patients  who would like to pay their balance in full rather than bringing cash – please contact our office for other options. 

For patients who use the payment plan to schedule in advance of the open calendar (up to a year in advance) – we will still have options for that as well.   Just contact our office for more details.


RBR & Diosa Plan Staff