Pre-Pay / Savings Plan | Rio Bravo Reversal

Pre-Pay / Savings Plan

5/15/2022 —  Due to new government (US) restrictions being forced on PayPal and other payment services (beginning Jan 01, 2022) – we are restructuring our payment (savings) plans options. 

The savings plan allows you to make full payment, large payments, or several smaller payments – and schedule up to a year in advance. The fee to open the plan is 105 reversal (150 for cosmetics). As with all money transfer services, small fees will be added for each transaction (about 5-6% per transaction).

For payment you can make minimum payments of 300 for reversal or 500 for cosmetics – or you can make larger payments or payment in full.  Except for the plan fee — all payments will go directly through the bank instead of PayPal.

While we realize this may not be as convenient as what we had, it does preserve 2 of the biggest benefits of the plan – avoiding traveling with cash and being able to schedule further in advance.

To start your savings plan, please email the us for more details. 

For patients currently on payment plans, your plan is still open and your funds are still applied to your costs.   We are only changing the payment method. 

Please watch this page for more details to come or contact our office directly.


RBR & Diosa Plan Staff