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Dr. Alfonso Olivares

Dr. Alfonso Olivares

  • SpecialtyVasectomy Reversals / Urology
  • Work PlaceRio Bravo Reversal

About Alfonso Olivares

Specializing in vasectomy reversals in addition to all other urological related health issues. The fee for vasectomy reversal is $2050. For other treatments (kidney stones, kidney failure, etc) please email us for prices and details).

  • Type of anesthesia used: local / or epidural
  • Length of stay at hospital: 24 hours (post op)
  • Length of surgery: depends on the type of vasectomy repair, appx 2 hours average.
  • Abstinence period after surgery: 30 days best / 15 days minimum
  • Abstinence time for exercise following surgery: 4-6 weeks
  • Sperm analysis recommended: 1 month post op and again 6 months post op.
  • Surgery Deposit: $400

Medical Surgeon Career: Graduate of the UNAM – National University Autonoma of Mexico.

Specialty of Urology: Graduate of the UANL and carried out in the Mexican Institute of the Social Security. University Autónoma of Nuevo León.

Accredited by the Mexican National Counsel of Urology.

Reputable in the course of Endourology in charge of Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez Aceves (chief of the service of Urology in the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara).

Offers his services in surgery of Transurethral prostate (TURP), Surgery of recanalization of vas deferens (vasectomy/v-reversal); surgery of most minimum invasion in case of kidney stones, pediatric urology, urológical oncology, Erurológicas, urinary incontinence among others.

“….I want to say that I was very impressed with Dr Olivares and his staff. Their professionalism, courtesy, and expertise were very impressive. ….I would recommend the procedure to any man looking to reverse a vasectomy procedure….” E Manzano – South Dakota


Carrera de Médico Cirujano: Egresado de la UNAM.

Especialidad de Urología: Egresado de la UANL y realizada en el Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.

Acreditado por el Consejo Nacional Mexicano de Urología.

Acreditado en el curso de Endourología a cargo del Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez Aceves (jefe del servicio de Urología en el Hospital Civil de Guadalajara).

Ofrece sus servicios en cirugía de próstata transuretral (TURP), Cirugía de recanalización de deferentes, Cirugía de mínima invasión en caso de litos ureterales, urología pediátrica, oncología urológica, urgencias urológicas, incontinencia urinaria entre otros.