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Read Carefully:

By making a deposit, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to the following terms regarding my deposit:

  • a scheduling deposit is required at the time of scheduling my appointment to cover reservation, admin fees and may not be refundable.
  • a minimum of 35 days notice of cancellation is required to receive a partial refund* (see below)
  • a minimum of 2 weeks notice of rescheduling is required to transfer my deposit (first reschedule only)* (see below)
  • if I reschedule, my next appointment must take place within 60 days to transfer my deposit
  • refunds can take up to 60 days to process, 2-4 weeks is the norm
  • a minimum of 1/2 of the deposit is automatically non-refundable and non-negotiable*
  • I will forfeit my refundable portion if do not follow the guidelines listed on the appointments page
  • I may be responsible for a rescheduling fee* if I cancel my surgery and later reschedule my appointment, or I do not pay the deposit on time.
  • I will be responsible for a rescheduling fee* if I must schedule more than 2 dates (ALL 3rd appointments require a fee*)
  • I will be responsible for a rescheduling fee* if I do not pay the deposit and the hospital must cancel my date.
  • If I have had cancellations in the past, my deposit may not be refundable in any amount.
  • If I owe any fees – previous or current –to the hospital or doctors my deposit will be used to cover those amounts and is not refundable.
  • my appointment is scheduled even if I have not paid the deposit.
  • my deposit is due upon scheduling my surgery. If not received in 5 days, my surgery will be cancelled and a rescheduling fee will apply.
  • my deposit is valid for 6 months or until the time of my original surgery or until forfeited by not meeting scheduling requirements.

*amt of fee will be less than initial deposit.

*cancellations and reschedules during Feb – Jun- rescheduling fees will always be added.   If you cancel you can reschedule or roll over to a payment plan to avoid deposit forfeiture.

*All “fees” mentioned on this website are billed to the patient to cover actual expenses that have already been incurred by the patient and/or paid for by our office at the time of scheduling. We do try to keep fees as minimal as possible but these are costs for administration services (from sources outside our office) and are the responsibility of the patient.

*Half of the deposit is automatically not refundable. This non-refundable portion may increase if other fees are due.

Your deposit

Deposits are due at the time of making your appointment.

Please read the information below thoroughly for details regarding the deposit before choosing your surgery date. For questions, please feel free to email. Payment options are below.

Who must make a deposit?

Everyone who makes an appointment. Deposits are due at the time you make the appointment.

How will I make my deposit?

You will receive an email invoice which will allow you to use your credit or debit card or paypal account to make your payment. If you do not receive an email invoice, it means we do not have your email address. If you have an issue just let us know, we will work with you on a resolution.

When will I make my deposit?

You will pay your deposit at the time of making your appointment (5 day grace period). You must email your contact information to the office, and we will email you an invoice with directions for paying your deposit. If the deposit is not received in 5 days of setting your date, your surgery date may be cancelled and a rescheduling fee applied.

How much is my deposit? Does it apply to my surgery fee?

Your deposit will be $650 – due when you schedule. ($450 for vasectomy reversals / 750 for cosmetics). There will be a fee taken out (by PayPal) for all transactions. The fee will be added to your balance.

The deposit is deducted from your total surgery amount. The balance due will be paid at the hospital when you arrive for your surgery (cash only). If you have a savings plan you can pay it in full before surgery. Funding ministries should contact us about paying the balance. Fees for sending will be the responsibility of the patient.

Is the deposit refundable/transferable? What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

Half of your deposit is automatically non-refundable – the other half, if not refunded, may be applied to a future surgery or fees due or refunded if guidelines are followed.  Please be sure to check with us to see if you have a credit. The remaining is refundable under certain conditions :

  • We must receive cancellation notice by email at least 35 days in advance of the date you are canceling (not applicable from Feb-Jun).
  • To reschedule (first time) your deposit will transfer if we receive 2 weeks notice (not applicable from Feb-Jun). Your new appointment should be chosen and confirmed at the time you alert us of your reschedule — and surgery must take place within 60 days of your original surgery date (based on calendar openings). If you are unable to keep the second appointment, a refund is no longer possible and a rescheduling fee will apply – however even though a refund is not possible you may still have a credit with us for a future surgery, so please be sure to ask.
  • You may schedule and reschedule 1 time on one deposit (within the guidelines above) – after which the deposit is non-refundable. All third appointments require a rescheduling fee (normally $175 but exceptions may apply) and your deposit may be forfeited.
  • If you owe a balance to the hospital for any fees, your deposit will be applied to that amount and not refunded.
  • If you have previously had excessive cancellations/reschedules if you did not make a deposit at the time you scheduled, your new deposit may not be refundable in any amount and a rescheduling fee may apply.  If you are concerned, please check with us for more details before making your deposit.

SEE guidelines below for more details. If all guidelines are followed, you should receive up to 50% of your deposit as a refund.

How long will my deposit hold my surgery date? Is it transferable to another date?

Your deposit is valid until the date of your surgery, with some exceptions (see guidelines above and below about rescheduling). You may transfer your deposit to another date if the appropriate rescheduling guidelines above are met. Rescheduling in excess, not showing up, or not canceling your appointment 35 days in advance of your surgery may forfeit your deposit.

Can I pay my whole surgery in advance this way?

YES – but you must have a payment plan open to do so.

Do you have a payment plan?

YES. Please email us for details or see the information here: Payment Plan

Step one

Choose a date, request an invoice by email:

Step Two

Make Payment:

Pay instantly online debit/credit card. (see invoice OR email us for details on alternate methods)