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Deposits/Scheduling Fee

Starting Jan 1, 2023

When you schedule, you will pay a deposit $250 nonrefundable scheduling fee.

This scheduling fee is not refundable for any reason as it covers scheduling costs.  If you have any outstanding fees (unpaid deposits, rescheduling fees, etc) those will be added to your invoice and paid with your deposit.

Cancellations, disputes, no shows, or being unable to continue with surgery (due to medical reasons) are not valid reasons not to pay for the scheduling process you initiate.  Please do not initiate the process if you are not sure you will be able to follow through.

Rescheduling: there will be a rescheduling fee to reschedule your second appointment if you have paid the scheduling fee within the last 4 months (175).  Otherwise you will owe 2 scheduling fees. You may reschedule once with a rescheduling fee if your first fee was paid, but after your second appointment (third appointment), a new deposit/scheduling fee will be required.   If you must cancel and reschedule at a later date, we can hold your payment up to 4 months (120 days from date paid).  Cancellations within 14 days from hospital check in or ‘no shows’ for surgery will automatically void your deposit.   If  your deposit is voided or expires,  you would pay a new deposit to reschedule (without rescheduling fee).  If your surgery date is canceled without a deposit being paid, there will be a rescheduling fee (equal to the amount of the unpaid deposit) in addition to the new deposit to reschedule. 

A 4% late fee will be applied each month the fee is not paid.

Any funds paid will still be deducted from your overall costs.

For additional information please email us at

Read Carefully:

By making a deposit, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to the following terms regarding my deposit:

  • a scheduling fee (deposit) is required at the time of scheduling my appointment to cover reservation, admin fees and will not be refundable.  This fee is due even if you cancel as it pays for the scheduling process.  A late fee will be charged on all unpaid balances.
  • if I reschedule, my next appointment must take place within the scheduling (open calendar) dates within 4 months of payment.
  • I will be responsible for a rescheduling fee//or//new deposit if I cancel my surgery and later reschedule my appointment.
  • I will be responsible for 2 deposits if I do not pay the first deposit and my date is canceled, late fees will apply.
  • my appointment is scheduled even if I have not paid the deposit.
  • my deposit is due upon scheduling my surgery. If not received in 5 days, my surgery will be cancelled and 2 deposits will apply in addition to late fees.

*All “fees” mentioned on this website are billed to the patient to cover actual expenses that have already been incurred by the patient and paid for by our office at the time of scheduling. We try to keep fees as minimal as possible but these are costs for scheduling services / and are the responsibility of the patient.

Your deposit

Deposits are due at the time of making your appointment.

Please read the information below thoroughly for details regarding the deposit before choosing your surgery date. For questions, please feel free to email. Payment options are below.

Who must make a deposit?

Everyone who makes an appointment. Deposits are due at the time you make the appointment.

How will I make my deposit?

You will receive an email invoice which will allow you to use your credit or debit card to make your payment online. If you do not receive an email invoice, it may mean your email is not working. It is the patient’s responsibility to alert us if the invoice is not received.  If you have an issue just let us know, we will work with you on a resolution.

When will I make my deposit?

You will pay your deposit at the time of making your appointment (3 day grace period). You must email your contact information to the office, and we will email you an invoice with directions for paying your deposit. If the deposit is not received in 5 days of receiving your invoice, your date will  be automatically cancelled and rescheduling fees applied.  Invoices may go our slowly due a high volume of new patients in the first half of the year.  Your surgery date is not in jeopardy of being canceled unless you have received an invoice and it is unpaid.

How much is my deposit? Does it apply to my surgery fee?

Your deposit will be $250 – due when you schedule. ($250 for vasectomy reversals / 750 for cosmetics). Card fees if applicable will be added back to the patient costs at the hospital (usually $10-45 depending on the amount sent).

The deposit is deducted from your total surgery amount. The balance due will be paid at the hospital when you arrive for your surgery (cash only). If you do not bring cash for your payment, you will not be able to have surgery.  Funding ministries should contact us about paying the balance. Fees for sending will be the responsibility of the patient.

Is the deposit refundable/transferable? What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

The deposit is automatically non-refundable – but may be transferred one time within 120 days to a new surgery date, if guidelines *above are followed (surgery must take place within the hold time of the deposit and a rescheduling fee will apply).  Please be sure to check with us to see if you have a credit.

Can I pay my whole surgery in advance this way?

No, we no longer have a payment plan or are able to take advance payments.  We can only take the deposit in advance at this time and the balance due is paid in cash at the hospital.

Step one

Choose a date, request an invoice by email:

Step Two

Make Payment:

Pay deposit online debit/credit card or bank transfer. (we will send an invoice for your deposit. )