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Appointments & Consultations

How to make/confirm your appointment:

1. Decide on your surgery date

2. Email to make the appointment

3. Complete / return pre-op evaluation

4. Pay deposit

5. Schedule your shuttle (if needed)

Making Appointments:

Please email( the office to make your appointment; calls to the doctor should be for medical consultations only.

Your deposit is due at the time you make your appointment.

To make your appointment

< p align=”justify”>Email us your preferred date / time, we will verify an opening with the hospital and send you the paperwork.  You may also fill out your papers in advance of scheduling.

If you have medical records

(not mandatory but helpful) you can send them directly to us by Email or Fax 1-281-520-3074 (we only need the ‘procedure description’ and the pathology report if available). After the doctor reviews them we will give his report by email.

Medical/ Surgical consultations:

If you would like to discuss your surgery or any medical issues with the doctor – you can call Dr. Levi at 011-52-899-871-1586 – daily (including weekends) 8am-8pm (central time only).  Our doctors speak English/Spanish fluently.

If you make an appointment during this call, please remember to email the office to complete the process and paperwork. The doctor will be happy to approve the date for you but is not responsible for completing your appointment with our office. Your appointment is made but not completed until we have received your contact information by email and your deposit is made. Once you receive an invoice, you have fees due but the surgery is not guaranteed until the full deposit is made. See info page below. If you schedule and do not make a deposit, you will be charged a missed appointment fee to reschedule.

Please download the printable checklist to help with appt and travel processes.

Pre-Op instructions

If we have your correct email address, you should receive your pre-op instructions approximately 2 weeks prior to surgery.  Please email us ASAP if you have not received your  instructions a few days before your appointment.  You should also receive a cost and shuttle confirmation email a few days before your surgery date.

Fmla/Surgery verification/Release to work

If you need paperwork filled out for your job, we have a volunteer that will do that during off hours.  It can take up to several weeks so please be sure to check with your employer to find out everything you need in advance and send to our office as early as possible.  There are no time guarantees on any paperwork, but she will try to do them as quickly as possible.  Please note FMLA forms are a courtesy service and not guaranteed.   Surgery verification and release to work letters can be provided within approximately a week.

Choosing your date:

Please choose a date that is best for your reversal surgery. We can usually schedule with as little as one week’s notice – if we are able to get the paperwork and deposit completed immediately. The calendar listed below will show any open/closed dates. Note – these are general guidelines; occasional exceptions and changes may be made. Information below is subject to change so please email for verification.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday y Friday: 8am thru 5pm (morning/afternoon/evening)

Wednesday: 8am – 10am (morning only

Saturday: 7am – 11am (morning only)

Sunday: Closed

Remember 4 – 24 – 4

-Check in the hospital at least 4 hours prior to surgery

-Stay in the hospital a minimum of 24 hour post op

-Allow at least 4 hours between release and flight time

Cancellation/Rescheduling guidlines:
please read carefully!


To cancel your appointment for any reason, you must contact us by email in advance and give a 30 day notice to obtain a partial refund of your deposit.

If you miss your appointment without notice, do not give proper notice for rescheduling, or canceling, or the appointment is canceled due to non-payment of the deposit – you may forfeit your deposit and pay a rescheduling fee to reschedule.


Rescheduling is not a problem, but please email us with your changes at least 2 weeks in advance.

A new date should be chosen at that time and should be a date within scheduling calendar time frame.

You may schedule up to 2 appointments on one deposit (initial appt + 1 reschedule) if the guidelines are met. All subsequent appointments (3rd appts) will require a rescheduling fee and may forfeit the deposit. A full deposit may be required depending on the circumstances or the number of times an appointment has been missed.


There is a considerable amount of time and paperwork that goes into scheduling a surgery along with multiple reservation fees, so patients who request appointments but do not follow through with the deposit will be charged a rescheduling fee. Patients who do not show up or do not give notice (or must be canceled by the hospital for no deposit) will be charged a rescheduling fee. If you are not sure you can pay the deposit – please wait to schedule. We regret that this is an issue, but please remember that our staff spends a lot of time preparing for your surgery date.

Please remember whatever the circumstances, communication is key to making sure that everyone’s needs are met.

2 very important details.

We respectfully ask that you do not make your appointment if you are unsure about the date, your funds, child care, time off work and various other issues. This is unfair to other patients and very inconvenient to the hospital staff and other doctors who willingly arrange their schedules around international travelers. We understand that ‘unexpected’ problems can arise, but please contact us immediately for assistance if that happens. Please remember NOT to make unchangeable travel plans until your appointment has been confirmed. We cannot schedule surgery ‘around’ your travel plans so be sure to make your appointment first, travel plans second.

Because we rely mostly on email communication, it is the patient’s responsibility to make sure we have your contact information. If we cannot contact you we cannot work with you – so keeping in touch with the office is very necessary.