Reversal Surgery Costs


Tubal ligation reversal surgery:      $2850 usd
Essure Reversal:                             $3350 usd
Vasectomy reversal surgery:         $2050 usd

Price includes all hospital/surgery fees including general labs, epidural, hospital stay, doctors fees, etc. Prices do not include travel expenses.  Additional services/fees may result if you have health issues or specific requests.

A $650 deposit is required when you schedule.  The deposit is deducted from your total costs. 

 Deposits Page 

We are now offering a
Pre-Pay Savings Plan 

You 'will' have additional fees if you

  • have any special medical needs, pre-existing illnesses, or certain medical conditions which would make surgery a higher risk
  • have had previous multiple surgeries (including c-sections)
  • are 40 years old or over (will require a IM exam)
  • have 30% bmi or above (will require a IM exam)
  • have allergies to latex or certain medications
  • are medically unable to have an epidural

All of these issues will be determined on a patient by patient basis. 

Use the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator:

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  • (if your bmi is 30% or above there is an additional exam required  - IM exam $365.  

  • If your bmi is 40% or above there will be an additional $300 charge in addition to the IM exam fee

  • If your bmi is (50% or above the extra fee is $500)

  • patients above 55% bmi will be reviewed at the doctor's discretion.

You 'may' have additional fees if you (fees determined by doctor review of pre-op evaluation form)
  • are taking certain prescription medications (ask the doctor in advance)
  • have special requests for medications
  • require or request additional days in the hospital
  • require or request additional hospital meals (1 guest will receive meals free)
  • have low hemoglobin (blood count) - or require transfusion - see unit prices below

Anesthesia Prices:  The surgeon will determine the method of anesthesia; you will have an epidural unless there is a medical reason not to.

  • Epidural (included in the cost of surgery)
  • Epidural + sedation $100 (by request or if it becomes medically necessary during surgery)
  • General anesthesia $300 (only if epidural is not possible)

Other fees & surgeries:

  • IM exam Fee (if needed):  $350  ($550 if there are multiple medical issues)
  • Additional or alternative medications ~ $200 (determined by use)
  • Blood bank per unit ~ $300
  • Private Care Nurse (traveling alone) - $180
  • Sperm Analysis - $50
  • Additional Lab work (anemia, thyroid, etc) - based on patient needs
  • Additional stay in hospital (as space permits)- $50-100 per day
  • Additional guest meals (if more than 1 guest)  - $3.50 per meal
  • Records Request (post op) - $20
  • HSG - $415
  • Vaginal rejuvenation (vaginoplasty) - $2850  (with reversal surgery $1850)
  • Hysterectomy - $3750
  • Tubal ligation - $2350
  • Fibroid tumor/ cyst removal $2450* (*during reversal surgery approximately $650) 
  • Small cyst removal (during reversal) $350
  • Essure / Adiana reversal - $3350

UPDATE:   All patients will be sent a pre-op health history / cost evaluation form to be reviewed by the doctor in advance.  You may

  • fill it out online here  You can also download it to your computer (if your browser does not support forms) or request one by email

This form, in addition to your tubal ligation records if you have them (records are not mandatory), will be reviewed to help determine if any additional fees may apply. 

You should bring a minimum of $100-200  for emergency funds.

How and when should we make payment? (updated 2013)

Please see our new - Pre-Pay / Savings Plan - or email us for details.

DEPOSIT:  Your deposit will be paid at the time of making your appointment and can be made online by instant payment (free) or with credit / debit card (typically $35 fee from PayPal), or wire transfer (money gram only - there are extra fees to use this method of payment).   For more details please see the deposit page. 

ADDITIONAL COSTS:  Any pre-determined additional costs for services will be paid in cash at the hospital, in addition to your surgery cost.   We cannot accept payment in advance - unless you are on the payment/savings plan.

BALANCE:  The only method of payment at the hospital is cash (US dollars).  Traveler's checks, cashier's checks, money orders are no longer accepted due to the high number of fraudulent payments made to the hospital each year by patients to obtain free surgeries.  Payment is made in advance of surgery for this reason.  You can pay your balance in full online through PayPal if you have a payment plan set up.  

There is a payment plan savings account option if you want to make payments towards your surgery while you are saving.  

INSURANCE:  the hospital cannot accept or file American insurance claims. You can pay the full amount at the hospital and 'may' be able to get a reimbursement from your insurance company but you will need to check with your provider to find out if this is possible and what information would be needed.  We will be happy to supply any paperwork necessary to your insurance company.  

FLEX PAY/EMPLOYEE MEDICAL ACCOUNTS - Unfortunately some of these cards do not work on our system because we are not in the US and not able to be in the flex network.  However, you are welcome to try your card and see if it works.  If not, you can pay for your surgery out of pocket, and you can be reimbursed by the FSA company by providing your hospital receipts and records.  We will provide any paperwork necessary (with 30 days notice) but please call your representative and find out what receipts are needed.

Insurance codes, assistance with funding or reimbursement:

  • Flex Pay and other employer funded programs / insurance refunds: If you are seeking a reimbursement from your insurance carrier or a medical plan from your employer, please bring your forms with you to be filled out while you are at the hospital.  Getting them after you leave could be a lengthy process.  Flex pay cards do not work with our card service; we are not in the flex network.  Your Flex provider may reimburse you and/or may pay in advance, but you need to discuss that with your provider.  We will provide any documentation you may need for your reimbursement. 

  • If you are seeking financial assistance, please click here for funding groups.

  • The diagnosis code (ICD-9) that insurance companies use for bilateral tubal occlusion is 628.2.  (New code ICD-10 - (N97.1) Diagnosis - Female infertility of tubal origin

  • The procedure code (CPT) for tubal reanastomosis  is 58750.



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