What can I expect during my hospital stay?  How long is the hospital stay? When will I be discharged and when should I check into the hospital? Do I need a hotel room?

Hospital stay is typically 24 hours post op. You will check into the hospital at least 4 hours prior to surgery, (or the night before for a morning surgery).  You will usually be released 24 hours post op.

A hotel room may be needed if space does not permit during our busiest season (tax time) but this is rare.   A hotel room is always necessary if you are staying additional (more than 2) days in the area or you have a flight time that conflicts with our shuttle schedule.

Can someone be with me in the operating room?  Can we take videos or pictures during surgery?

Yes, your spouse is encouraged to be with you in surgery and may take pictures or video tape during your surgery.  If your spouse is not able to be in the OR with you, one of our nurses may be able to take pictures and possibly videotape your surgery for you (using your camera or camcorder). 

If we fly in, how soon after their surgery can we fly again?   What if I need to leave early?  How soon will I be able to return to work?

You will stay in the hospital a minimum of 24 hours post op before being released; and you must allow 4 hours between hospital release and flight time.  Please note that most airlines are strict on viewing doctor's releases before they will allow you to board, and if you appear to be having problems they may refuse to board you at all.  So waiting the proper amount of time (28 hours post op) to fly and obtaining a release form before you leave the hospital is strongly recommended.

Depending on your job, you may be able to return to work in 1 week (seated desk job); or if you have a highly physical job you may require up to 6 weeks off work.  Please ask for details regarding resuming activities.  We will provide you with any paperwork your employer may require.

Can we come alone?  Can my husband or a friend stay with us at the hospital the whole time?  Where will they eat?

It is better if you bring someone with you - especially to assist you when traveling - but many patients do travel alone.   If you must travel alone we do make sure you have transportation and round the clock care.  You will be asked to adhere to the following guidelines if you are traveling alone for surgery:

  • Travel by plane or bus (no driving for the patient post op for a minimum of 7 days)

  • Use the shuttle 

  • Pay for a private nurse (see cost page).   This is hospital policy-not negotiable. 

Your guest can be any friend or family member at least 16 years old or older.  Your spouse is preferable, but we realize that is not always possible.  If you are driving you must have another driver 21 or older with you.  

Meeting with and/or traveling with another patient is not the same as having someone with you.  Each patient will need to have a family member or friend staying in their room or pay for private nursing.  There are exceptions for couples having surgery, so please email for more details.

If you come alone and refuse to pay for private nursing, you will be sent home without surgery.  No exceptions.

Bringing a guest is encouraged.  Your (one) guest will ride in the shuttle for free, be allowed to stay in the hospital room with you during your entire stay (rooms are equipped for one guest to sleep comfortably), and will also be provided meals during regular hospital meal times (no charge).  If you bring a second person there will be additional fees for shuttle and meals.  If you have more than two guests, a hotel room will be necessary for additional guests.  If you check in after meal time, there are places to eat near the hospital to eat.   Someone from the staff will be willing to assist your guest with getting food (please bring extra funds for eating out).  

What about children, can we bring them?

No. Children under 13 are not allowed to stay in the hospital.  This is hospital regulation.  If your children are coming, there is a hotel nearby that we recommend, for your spouse and children.  Children must have an adult with them at all times.  If your guest or spouse must stay with the children in a hotel, you will have to hire a private nurse overnight.  Please remember that bringing children across the border requires birth certificates, proof of parent /child relationship and notarized letters from any non-traveling legal parent/guardian giving permission for the children to be transported across the border - and passport cards. 

Is there anything special that we need to bring for our hospital stay?  What will we do with our valuables during the surgery?

Travel / Packing Tips     

During your surgery a secure place can be provided for you to keep your money, purses, other valuables that are necessary to bring -  just ask Dr. Levi when you arrive.  However!  As with any hospital (in any country), we cannot be responsible for items lost, damaged, or stolen if left unattended.  All unnecessary valuables should be left at home.  Never leave cash or valuables in your room, your hotel rooms, or your vehicle at anytime during your travel;  and be especially careful with valuables at airports.


If you have any questions, please email!!   Thank you!


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